Tyranny of Dragons

Adventure Entry 2

The party returned to the Fort with the villagers and prisoner in to to great celebration. They interrogated the prisoner to learn some information about the cult and its soldiers, their movements and where they hailed from. The current siege was far from over however and some enemy soldiers burst in from the “Back Passage”. With the Adventurers help, they managed to make their way into the passage, fought off the invaders and sealed the passage again, and Kaylena discovered there was more to her than she originally thought. But this was of little relief as the Dragon soon made its presence known. The heroes made their way to the roof to find the Blue Dragon coming down to finish off the fort. The adventurers won and managed to scare off the dragon, but not without great injury and losing several of the village guards. They had little time to recover as the leader of the siege made their presence known and approached the forts gates, challenging a single champion in combat in order to release some of the villagers they had captured. With a incredible bravery by Asher and a fantastic Anouncement by Milo, Asher was cut down with ease and laughing, the enemies made their leave of the town. The troupe got Asher back to his feet, made their way into the fort and got a good nights rest.

Rested, mended, restocked and saddled, the adventurers followed the only lead they had and followed the trampled terrain the enemy forces left behind. They journied for several hours until they came by a small camp of soldiers and kobolds resting. While the adventurers discussed battle strategies, Milo without warning engaged a cunning plan and strode into the camp. Using his charisma and influence he passed himself off as one of them and joined them by the campfire. With no plan of his own to go on from there, and the other adventurers confused, they valiantly charged in and effortlessly wiped them out. After scavengine what supplies they could, they ventured on until they came by a canyon. An ambush lay in wait for the adventurers, but they were far too observant and saw the trap. Enemies hurled rocks down from either side of the canyon, enemy clerics weaved their magics and their soldiers fought well, but they were no match for the might adventurers as they were cut down one by one with steel, arrow, harsh words and eldritch might.

Adventure Entry 1

The six heros arrived at the outskirts of Greenest, an impressive village with a sizeable fort only to find it undersiege by a sizeable army and a Dragon. With some curious, some brave, and some just tagging along for the ride the adventurers made their way into town. They immediately came upon a family being attacked by Kobolds which the adventurers made short work of. With the villagers guidance they made their way towards the Fort, but the first battle seemed to have overinflated some of them and making little efforts to move quitely attracted a band of Kobolds, warriors and beasts. The Dwarf fell and the entire part only barely survived this encounter and Asher discovered the hits at a greater power. After they picked themselves up, they continued their travels through the town and managed to rescue two more villagers by the time they reached the fort and were secure within its walls.

The heroes asked what questions they could and assessed the situation, and were soon sent on their first quest to investigate the nearby church, rescue those trapped within and capture a soldier of the enemy. They made their way though a “Back Passage” and was beset by a horde of Rats. They fought hard and the Dwarf faltered yet again, but yet again the troupe was victorious. They ventured out and made their way to the church. Using great stealth, they discovered the church locked in tight with one end swarming with soldiers and the other swarming with kobolds stacking the door high with wood to burn it down. After some awkwardness and some rivalry between Milo and Esmaya, they managed to sneak in via a window and avoiding the patrol that circled the church, carefully snuck the villagers out. The adventurers gathered their strength and with speed and efficiency, overpowered some kobolds and soldiers and captured one, quickly dragging their prisoner away before the patrol completed their round.


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